Anagen Phase Hair Growth 2 Step System

  • $95.00

2 STEP SYSTEM - Grow Thicker, Longer & Stronger Hair with Less Breakage

1 x Anagen Phase Serum 50ml 
1x Anagen Phase Stimulant Roller 

Endure Haircare together with Catania Laboratories exclusive Organic Formula uses Organic Ingredients and Intelligent Nutrients for Hair Follicle Growth, to stimulate hair growth and repair thinning or loss of hair by un-blocking the DHT allowing new and existing follicles to appear and organically grow regularly. 

The combination of Organic Ingredients and Intelligent Nutrients has been formulated mirroring plants and other organic life materials to allow continuous organic growth naturally. 

Endure Anagen Phase Hair Growth Serum is used for the renewal and growth of hair follicles.
Grow thicker, longer and stronger hair with less breakage.