Anagen Phase Hair Growth Stimulant Roller

  • $25.00

For use with Endure Anagen Phase Organic Hair Growth Serum 

Stimulant Rollers work with micro derma needles in two ways – in addition to prompting scalp to produce more collagen and thus supporting the growth stage inside the hair follicle, it also improves blood flow. The epidermis reacts to the wound by sending more blood to the wound to heal it. 

How To:

Using gentle pressure, roll the device over the scalp in one direction starting at the front of the head and at the hair line and work your way down the back of the head. Roll over area 5-10 times changing directions. 

Use the roller in all directions - vertical, horizontal and diagonal. Use once a day. Redness may occur.

After usage make sure to rinse the roller in warm soapy water and dip it in a disinfecting alcohol solution, and allow the tool to dry